ASO: Everything You Need to Know about the SEO for Apps

ASO: Everything You Need to Know about the SEO for Apps

When we think about increasing the visibility of a website, it is essential to think about SEO, but what about apps? Well, if the SEO is important, the ASO is even more important.

According to Google, around 60% of users discover new apps by browsing apps, and 67% of app downloads on Apple come after a search, and it is in this paradigm where ASO comes into play.

ASO, or App Store Optimisation, is the process of optimising a mobile app in app stores (such as the App Store, Google Play or Huawei Store) to improve its visibility and positioning. Unlike SEO, which works at the web level, ASO focuses exclusively on the search engines of the app shops, which affect the way in which positioning should be worked on.

SEO ranking factors for apps in Play Store and App Store.

There are a number of factors that affect the ranking and visibility of applications in the same way despite of the app store, but we must warn you that the relevance and limitations of each factor differ from one app store to another.

Tips to improve your app’s SEO

Learn from your competitors

Analyse what keywords they include in their titles and descriptions, which ones fit your app, and your chances of ranking for those searches.

Check your metadata periodically

Just as in SEO, in ASO there are seasonal searches, new keywords, or searches whose volume disappears over time. Make sure you keep track of the keywords you rank for, the ones you would like to rank for, and the ones you lose. There are now tools like AppTweak or AppFollow that allow you to monitor all these changes.

Use cross-localization in the App Store

The App Store’s character limit can make it difficult to include all the keywords you want. One way to solve this and increase your character space is to use cross-localization. This trick consists of including keywords in different languages in your app’s metadata that indexes for different product files. For example, if your application is available in the United States and Mexico, you can include English keywords in the Mexico keyword field that will also help you to rank in the United States.

Implement a review strategy

If you have a medium-high volume of downloads and you do not manage to climb positions in the ranking of your category, one of the possible reasons is that your app rating is not good enough. Normally, you need a rating higher than 4.5 stars to be able to stay in the top positions in a category.

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ASO Ranking Factors

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